International Business

Acting globally - effectively, efficiently and with environmental responsibility

Experience up close how the globalised economy works: the Business Administration - International Business course enables students to acquire important business administration knowledge and a high level of skill regarding international and intercultural issues. In just 3 years, you will be qualified and highly employable as an expert or manager in the interface both within Germany and in other countries. You will acquire the essential skills to master challenging tasks, e.g. in purchasing, sales, human resources, production, marketing or controlling across all sectors in industrial, commercial or service companies and around the world.

Enjoy global success: with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and sustainability expertise

The international business degree is based on economics, and the valuable expertise in intercultural and social skills will be enhanced, for example, by student work in international teams. Elective modules enable individual specialisation, e.g. in International Human Resource Management or International Marketing & Sales. Those who opt for the elective modules on Sustainability Business will be well-equipped for a promising career in sustainable, international companies, where the responsible management of people and nature will be an essential requirement.

(International) work experience and language skills

Foreign language skills and contact with foreign countries are a crucial element in the International Business course. The course is therefore taught predominantly English, and those who opt for the English track and the elective modules around Sustainable Business can also complete the course 100% in English. The students spend time abroad in the theoretical and practical phases and work with foreign national lecturers to learn about the mechanisms of international markets and gain important professional experience outside Germany, which are the ideal conditions to promote and develop high potential.