Digital Commerce Management

Digital business administration in retail

Just shopping was yesterday. Every retail company must take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalisation. In order to provide customers with ever better, faster and more efficient shopping experiences there is a real need for experts who, in addition to business administration knowledge, also possess expertise in retail and digital transformation - in every retail company, whether wholesale or retail, bricks-and-mortar or online.

Equipped for the future of retail: business administrator with digital toolbox

If you want to help shape the world of modern commerce, then the dual study course Digital Commerce Management at the DHBW Mannheim is perfect for you. In addition to the core commercial skills of business administration, our students acquire additional knowledge in the fields of information technology, data management and marketing - whether in the lecture hall, during a semester abroad at a partner university (optional) or with the corporate partner. Students provide support to their company during the practical phases of their studies, gaining significant professional experience.

Expertise in retail 4.0 with optimum career prospects

Traditional retail trade, retail business administration and IT. Our graduates are sought-after specialists with a broad combination of expert knowledge and work with people from logistics and IT as well as with branch management in the bricks-and-mortar retail sector. How do you present goods in a store or online shop? Which processes can be optimized? And what about buying behaviour and customer requirements? Working with retailers, manufacturers and retail service providers, they get off to a flying start in, for example, sales and marketing, helping shape the customer journey, digitizing processes along the entire value chain or developing new services and business models with customers and logistics in mind.