Competence Centers

In the past years, the following competence centres have been established:

  • DILARS – competence centre to support practice-oriented teaching including embedded guidance systems and interconnected test stations
  • DTC – competence centre focusing on the digital transformation with relation to as well as relevance for society and economy
  • INDIS – cross-faculty and transregional centre for interdisciplinary teaching and research projects
  • ZEEB – competence centre for empirical and experimental business studies offering instructions on application software, data collection and evaluation as well as implementations of simulations and other tests
  • Research cluster AddLab: Specialised laboratory for research and development of additive manufacturing (“3D printing”) to facilitate innovation and its application in industry settings
  • Research cluster EDSC: Research and development of reliant components for future business-IT solutions as well as providing an infrastructure for research data for all DHBW locations
  • Research cluster ELCH: Research and development of processes concerning energy conversion and energy storage in batteries and fuel cells for sustainable mobility.