Exchange Students

Congratulations! You are here because you are interested in studying in Mannheim as an exchange student.

Visit us on YouTube! Just click here or simply look up “Study Abroad at DHBW Mannheim” on YouTube to experience a glimpse of what it means to be an exchange student at DHBW Mannheim.  

In our Fact Sheet 2024/2025 you can find a summary of all the information you will need.

If you are still undecided, the following reasons should make your decision process much easier:

  • Our classes have a maximum of 35 students!
  • You will have close contact with the teaching staff!
  • Our teaching staff has a strong practical reputation!
  • You don't need to speak German to study with us, we have a big variety of classes offered in English! 
  • Additional German classes and other foreign languages are offered!
  • VISUM e.V. will organize a Buddy Programme with German students for you!
  • Trips to various interesting places in the Rhein-Neckar region and all over Germany are organized each semester!
  • We will support you in finding an internship!
  • We organize pick-up on arrival!
  • We organize student accommodation placement and provide a free service for liaison with the housing company!
  • After your arrival we provide academic and non-academic support!

Our students tell us they like our campus because it is not huge and overbearing. Our campus has the feel of a close-knit community where it is not difficult to meet people and you have easy access to teaching and administrative staff, as well as to study support facilities and services.

As an international exchange student, you are admitted as a non-degree student for a limited study period (one or two semesters). You are allowed to register for classes and to earn course credits under the same conditions as regular students. The admissions procedure is simple; just follow the steps as outlined in the application.