The PolygoesDHBW programme is an initiative by German Mittelstand Champions and DHBW’s partner companies to build practice-oriented engineering talent for their operations in Singapore. The number of German Mittelstand Champions has been growing in Singapore. Today, a sizeable number of them have set up or are in the process of setting up engineering centres in Singapore to better serve the Asian market. 

Under the Polygoes-DHBW programmes, these Mittelstand Champions offer deserving diploma-holders from Singapore a bond-free scholarship – enabling selected candidates to obtain a bachelor’s degree, relevant work experience and their first job back in Singapore. Since the programmes started in 2015, partner companies such asFesto, Heraeus, ifm, Mann+Hummel, Pepperl+Fuchs and SICK have been part of the programme. 

The German Mittelstand Champions are a group of around 1,500 German companies who are world market leaders in their fields. They also share a common background and mentality – they are typically family-owned engineering companies with up to €5 billion in annual revenue. These companies place a strong emphasis on talent development, and are well-known for their efforts in the research and development of new and innovative engineering technologies.

For further information on the programme, e.g. application, cooperating Singapore Polytechnics and contacts in Singapore, please visit the project website.