From the University of Cooperative Education to the Cooperative State University

DHBW Mannheim's success story began back in 1974. The career-integrated study approach was completely new at the time. On the way to becoming a successful cooperative state university, which students and corporate partners can now count on, the unique study concept first had to establish itself in the university landscape. And it did so with great success.



Beginnings as a University of Cooperative Education

On 01.10.1974, the two Berufsakademien or Universities of Cooperative Education in Mannheim and Stuttgart launch the first pilot project for higher education with integrated industry practice in Germany. With 41 students and 16 companies, the foundations are laid for the DHBW's career-integrated course of study in Mannheim.

1979, 1980


Establishment of satellite sites

The increasing demand for this innovative study model results in the establishment of the satellite sites in Karlsruhe and Mosbach, which are now independent locations, after only 5 years.



University of cooperative education is accredited

The numbers are rising, the career-integrated study concept is becoming more popular. The pilot project is concluded and the University of Cooperative Education is officially declared an accredited institution. Both of the academies in Mannheim and Stuttgart are now a part of the tertiary education sector under the umbrella of the Berufsakademie Baden-Württemberg.



First record figures

The number of students at the University of Cooperative Education Mannheim exceeds the 1,000 mark for the first time.



Recognition of University of Cooperative Education degrees

Europe-wide recognition of University of Cooperative Education degrees is validated by a communiqué from the Federal Minister of Economics to the EU. University of cooperative education degrees and degrees from universities of applied sciences are now assessed on an equal footing.



25th anniversary of the University of Cooperative Education Mannheim

In its anniversary year, the number of students exceeds the 4,000 mark for the first time.



University of Cooperative Education degrees become bachelor's degrees

In accordance with the Bologna Process, the Diplom degree programmes of the University of Cooperative Education Mannheim become bachelor's degree programmes accredited by the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency Hannover (ZEvA).



Record figures and re-evaluation

Over 2,000 first-semester students and 2,000 corporate partners mean that a new satellite site in Wohlgelegen and the expansion of the Campus Coblitzallee are required. In addition, all courses of study are recognised as intensive courses and are now assessed with 210 ECTS points.



BA Mannheim becomes DHBW Mannheim

35 years after its foundation, the Berufsakademie Mannheim receives university status on 01.03.2009. According to the state parliament coalition agreement, the Berufsakademie Baden-Württemberg officially becomes Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University.



Systematic accreditation and master's degree

The DHBW is the first university in Baden-Württemberg to receive systematic accreditation and expands its range of courses to include the first career-integrated master's programmes.



The success story continues

Each academic year, more than 2,000 first-semester students start their career-integrated degree courses at the DHBW Mannheim, which is almost synonymous with a real-world job. Fully established in the higher education environment, the university continues to develop its teaching, research activities and study programme in a future-oriented way.