International Office

International Experience Made Easy

As the university's center of contact for all of its international activities, we do many things:

  • Increase diversity of DHBW Mannheim's faculty and student bodies
  • Conduct an extensive student exchange and study abroad programme
  • Provide a professional student advising service
  • Provide expert assistance to faculty in the design and administration of study abroad programmes
  • Recruit and offer programmes for a growing population of international students
  • Manage the university's expanding programme of international linkages
  • Work in partnerships with foreign universities and study abroad organizations
  • Support an active programme of faculty exchange
  • Provide coordination among relevant academic and administrative units on and off campus
  • Provide funding for both student and faculty activities
  • Heighten awareness on campus of global issues

While these are earnest goals, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We are the friendliest office on campus and run the most enjoyable university programmes. 

Come along DHBW Mannheim's international adventure! You will see new things and meet new people and there is so much to learn from them!