Organisational Structure

Organised according to the US state university model, the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University has a central and local organisational structure. The DHBW Headquarters in Stuttgart is the common umbrella under which 9 sites and 3 campuses are united:

Successful use of synergies

Around 9,000 corporate partners and 34,000 students from all over the DHBW speak for the success of this special university structure. Organisation at both central and local levels enables synergies to be exploited and location-related strengths to be maintained and promoted. At the same time, we ensure the continuing further development of the career-integrated study model through mutual exchange. Find out more about the structure in the central organisation chart of the DHBW.

Structure of the DHBW Mannheim

The DHBW Mannheim is characterized by a wide variety of specialist courses, a lively project culture and active networking within industry and higher education. In addition, our site is further expanding its profile as a research university. Directorate and administration work closely with one another in order to successfully bring together all areas of expertise. Site-specific committees always accompany any strategic development. Teaching itself is divided into 3 schools: engineering, business and health.