Studying and more

At our university, you can take advantage of various opportunities for shaping your day-to-day studies or your free time:

The CampusCard can be used for a range of purposes:

  • to borrow books and media from the library and to pay reminder fees (also at the University of Mannheim)
  • to pay in the student union's canteens and cafeterias
  • for copying and scanning on publicly accessible copiers on campus
  • as a SportsCard for university sports

Where is the CampusCard available?

Students receive their CampusCard from their course secretary before or at the start of their studies; exchange students get theirs from the International Office.

How can I top up the card?

You can top up your CampusCard in 2 ways. You can top up the card with cash at cash desks operated by the Studierendenwerk student union. You can also use the autoload procedure. This enables you to top up your account directly from your current account. 

Card service points at the DHBW Mannheim for registration:

  • Coblitzallee, Central Study Service, Building D, Room D 023
  • Coblitzallee, Library, Building E, 1st floor
  • Eppelheim, Administration, Room E.22a

You can find auto top-up points here:

  • Coblitzallee, Building D, Room 71 C
  • Coblitzallee, Building C, Room D014
  • Käfertaler Street, Room 602 B
  • Eppelheim, refectory, 1st floor

Who can I ask?

If you have any queries about your CampusCard – whether in the event of loss, damage or other concerns – you can contact the Servicezentrum Studium und Lehre at the DHBW Mannheim or the Studierendenwerk Mannheim (student union).

The main campus in Mannheim Neuostheim and the satellite sites in Mannheim Wohlgelegen and Eppelheim are easily accessible by bicycle, public transport and car. There is a range of possibilities for easy travel to the university:

VRN semester ticket

With the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Neckar (VRN) semester ticket you can use buses, trams and approved trains as well as "taxibus" (Ruftaxi) lines in the VRN area (up to the Westpfalz border) at a reasonable price. The semester ticket is not transferable and can be purchased on the first of each month with a validity of 6 months. Condition: the ticket is only valid in conjunction with the corresponding student ID or, in the case of first semesters, with the matriculation certificate and official photo ID.

Further information and purchasing details, whether online or in person, can be obtained from VRN.

Rent a bike with VRNnextbike

The Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Neckar (VRN) offers a practical rental system for bicycles called VRNnextbike. Once registered, you can use all VRNnextbike rental stations. You can also get on a bike quickly at the university: the station is located at Campus Coblitzallee, at the intersection of Hans-Thoma-Straße and Coblitzallee.

Regardless of whether you want to develop your soft skills or attend interdisciplinary seminars or workshops, the University of Mannheim's Studium Generale offers a wide range of opportunities for personal development. DHBW Mannheim students can also take advantage of the extensive offering and take a variety of language, IT or communication courses. For selected courses the DHBW Mannheim finances one course per semester for each student.

Further information can be found in the Studium Generale programme of the University of Mannheim.

From team sports and dancing to fitness and strength training in the gym, the University of Mannheim's wide range of sporting activities offers many opportunities for providing balance in everyday life and for networking. Our membership of the Institut für Sport means that students and employees of the DHBW Mannheim can all take part free of charge or at reasonable prices. More information on registration and participation conditions and the associated use of the SportsCard can be obtained from the University of Mannheim. The university can also provide the current sports programme and information on the use of the facilities.

The Studierendenvertretung (Student Representation or StuV) makes uni life  at the DHBW Mannheim unique. It organises events – from first semester parties to pub crawls – and supports fellow students with problems related to their studies. In addition, the team, consisting of student and department spokespersons, represents the interests of our students within an official framework: on committees, in administrative discussions and in exchange with other DHBW locations, the StuV has a direct influence on areas of concern to students. 

News, events and information on decisions and the possibility of becoming an active member yourself can be found on the StuV website.

The Studierendenwerk Mannheim (student union) offers a comprehensive service – including for students of the DHBW Mannheim – with the aim of making everyday student life easier.

On our campuses we have 2 refectories, a cafeteria and a food counter providing meals at reasonable prices. In addition, DHBW students have the opportunity to live in one of the student union's halls of residence at attractive prices and to take advantage of all other advisory services offered by the student union: be it the mental health service, support in studying with child(ren) or with a disability or questions about BAföG grant support.