Health Care Management

Business Administration with people in mind

The healthcare industry is the largest sector of the entire national economy and is full of exciting job profiles in which different talents and qualified junior staff are needed – e.g. in the management and leadership of healthcare facilities. Our aging population, rising costs due to new pension models, digital transformation and legal regulations are presenting the industry with new challenges. What is needed are skilled professionals and managers with strong organisational skills who can tackle these issues and develop the best solutions.

Think entrepreneurially, do good - today and in the future

Skilled professionals and managers in the healthcare industry think and act entrepreneurially, but always for the benefit of patients. In so doing they successfully tackle a daunting task: they ensure that sick people are well cared for despite ever decreasing financial resources. This makes them a sought-after resource on the labour market. And this will continue to be the case. The healthcare sector is growing and offers a large number of attractive job opportunities. This means that our graduates enjoy excellent career prospects.

The perfect starter package for working in the healthcare industry

If you want to get off to a good start as a business administrator in the healthcare industry, the DHBW Mannheim's career-integrated health management degree course is exactly the right choice for you. In a package combining theory and practice, our students learn about the fundamental subjects of business administration such as marketing, management accounting or human resources management, industry-specific knowledge such as medical law and relevant management instruments. This means that they are ideally prepared for being able to work successfully in an interdisciplinary manner in the health sector.