Financial Services

Conquer an exciting profession as an all-rounder with strong organisational skills

People, markets, products. Financial services managers are talented organisers with foresight for all factors. Which products are suitable for which customers? How do the markets work and what investment opportunities are there? Whether in banks, insurance companies or credit institutions, as all-rounders they provide advice and make sustainable decisions in the investment and financial sector.

Providing guidance in the financial jungle

The financial services industry is in a constant state of flux, marked by the recent financial crisis and digitisation. Digital media provide for transparency, but also unsettle with the flood of information concerning countless offers from Fintechs and Incuretechs. Our graduates maintain an overview in the tangled jungle of investments and insurances, deal with customers on an individual basis and provide all-round advice to protect them against bad investments. Their specialist knowledge and analytical skills make them sought-after skilled professionals in various fields of financial services, especially in sales.

Study business in a practical way and develop personal strengths

At the DHBW Mannheim, students learn everything they need for a perfect career start: sound knowledge of economics and business administration, product and market-specific content as well as secure consulting and sales skills thanks to practical work experience. From the 2nd year onwards, students can further their knowledge in optional subjects such as sales and portfolio management or operational financing. At the DHBW Mannheim, we attach particular importance to the ethical and moral aspects of consulting and to social skills for a holistic consulting approach, which is why appropriate training courses are integrated into the curriculum. In addition, we enable our students to broaden their horizons through additional opportunities (e.g. participation in experiments in the mobile financial laboratory) and to work with academic rigour on the basis of specific issues.