Supply and Energy Management

For a sustainable energy supply

A windmill in the meadow? Solar thermal on the roof? From detached homes to industrial complexes – energy management engineers know which solution will result in a sustainable energy supply, which insulation is suitable for which building project and how buildings need to undergo energy audit and renovation. As experts for intelligent sustainability, they not only make energy systems fit for the future, but also make it possible to turn away from fossil fuels, thus protecting the environment and improving people's quality of life.

A degree course in renewable energies, mechanical engineering and building technology

The Supply and Energy Management course combines mechanical engineering modules such as design, thermodynamics and computer science with exciting units such as heating and air-conditioning technology, supply networks and engineering, energy management and law. In additional modules our students strengthen their soft skills and management abilities. They thus have everything they need to get off to a good start as sought-after skilled professionals in future-proof building technology companies or energy consulting firms.

A prime example of a degree course with practical relevance

The career-integrated degree model at the DHBW Mannheim is closely related to practice, making it particularly attractive. The theoretical phases are enriched by workshops and excursions; our students are able to experiment and conduct research in laboratories with the latest equipment. During the practical units with the corporate partner they further their theoretical knowledge of renewable energies and building technology and gain important professional experience for a successful career.