Mechanical Engineering

Fit for almost all industries

For young people interested in technology, mechanical engineering offers excellent opportunities for development – not only in classical mechanical engineering and plant construction but also in other highly innovative branches of industry. Mechanical engineering graduates design process and product innovations in all other industrial sectors and play a key role in shaping the processes of industry 4.0.

Masterminds of the modern world

Mechanical engineers therefore play a particularly important role; their knowledge is not only 

required at a technical level for all areas of the product life cycle, it is also the basis for socially significant achievements in medical technology, food production and energy supply. With interdisciplinary training, our graduates bring together technical know-how, creativity and communication in a unique way. They design and develop, produce and optimise the products and processes that surround us in our private and professional lives.

Mechanical Engineering Courses

Depending on interest and inclination, our students can develop their knowledge in the following 4 fields of mechanical engineering and thus qualify as sought-after skilled professionals with academic training in their discipline:

In the Design and Development and Production Engineering courses, the foundation content is the same during the first two years of study, which means that it is useful to decide on the specialism at the start of the course, but not absolutely necessary.

Students of Process Engineering or Supply and Energy Management decide at the beginning of their studies which field to choose as the corporate partner company is active in this sector. They attend some subject-specific lectures in their 2nd year of study.