General Mechanical Engineering

Turning visions into progress

General mechanical engineers translate customer requirements and technological innovations into saleable and sustainable products. They quickly develop new products and ensure a fast ramp-up of production. They work on these new products and processes together with a number of engineers from different specialist fields. Project management plays a particular role here, maintaining an overview and coordinating the many points of contact. General mechanical engineers have all the skills required to master these kinds of tasks. They play a key role in the competitiveness of their company and are highly skilled and sought-after managers and project managers in a variety of industries. They are using their expertise to actively help shape Industry 4.0 and indeed make it possible in the first place. In addition to all of this, our graduates have the knowledge and skills required to flip the switch for a resource- and energy-efficient future.

Broad-based and future-oriented

Our graduates can look forward to attractive jobs in companies within the mechanical and plant engineering sector, the automotive industry and its suppliers, as well as with manufacturers of precision mechanical and optical products. The qualification also opens up excellent future-oriented career opportunities in the energy industry, in engineering offices for technical planning and projects as well as in the research and development departments of many companies. Students who graduate from their career-integrated degree course at the DHBW Mannheim not only acquire all-round engineering expertise and initial work experience, but also go on to enter a secure profession with promising prospects.

Combining mechanical engineering expertise with industry-specific knowledge

In preparation for the exciting tasks they will perform as mechanical engineers, our students acquire a broad-based knowledge of the fundamentals of mechanical engineering. This is supplemented - according to personal interest and the focus of the partner company - by individual modules selected from the fields of calculation and testing, automotive engineering, plastics engineering and project management as well as production and production management.