Production Engineering

Successful management of entire production processes

From smartphones to solar panels, from turbochargers to gas turbines – we owe a wide range of achievements and a higher quality of life to production technology. Whether single pieces or millions of mass products, qualified production engineers are indispensable for efficient manufacturing processes. They maintain an overview, create new products, optimise existing processes and production costs. They thus play a key role in the competitiveness of their company and are sought-after skilled professionals and managers in various industries.

Career as an all-rounder across industries

With specialist knowledge in mechanical engineering, production technology and management combined with well-developed social skills, our graduates are ready to work flexibly in many attractive fields of activity. The production engineering degree is an ideal starting point for working in companies in mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive industry and energy, as well as in research institutions. They not only concentrate on production processes, in part with intelligent manufacturing and assembly technologies, but are also in dialogue with experts from other disciplines which makes their day-to-day work varied and instructive.

Career-integrated and interdisciplinary acquisition of technical expertise

In preparation for the exciting tasks they will perform as production engineers, our students acquire a broad-based knowledge of the fundamentals of mechanical engineering. This includes units such as production engineering, design theory and thermodynamics. In addition, there are specific production engineering subjects such as materials management and logistics, production systems and vehicle construction. They apply the knowledge gained in the theory phases immediately in the practical phases and expand on it. In this way, our students acquire professional experience and valuable soft skills as well as specialist knowledge.