Process Engineering

Study with secure career opportunities

Cleverly combine technology, engineering and the natural sciences. Process engineers can do that. They deal with the conversion of materials; their skills are employed wherever consumer goods are produced. This makes them sought-after skilled professionals in many branches of industry. After all, everything that is used and consumed in everyday life has gone through process-engineering during its production – be it coffee, toothpaste or fuel.

Bachelor of Engineering with practical relevance

Our graduates select suitable processes or design machines and plants for industrial applications. They work on the development of novel substances and make production more environmentally friendly, cheaper and more efficient. They work in close contact with experts in biology, chemistry and management. Our students gain professional know-how as part of their course. The fundamentals of general mechanical engineering and process engineering content are taught in the theory phases and immediately implemented in the practical phases with the partner company.

Make the most of diversity and specialise

A wide variety of industries and areas of application offer numerous opportunities for professional development: from plant and power plant technology through food industry sectors to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Individual interests and strengths are fostered during the course. For example, students in their 3rd year of study can focus on subjects such as environmental, water and food technology or sustainable energy systems.