Design Engineering and Development

Developing powerful technologies with creativity and foresight

Mechanical engineers are there when innovative ideas become functional technology. This is how, in addition to technical components for modern machines or high-performance plant systems, products are created that surround us in everyday life. Students of design engineering and development are the ones who design these products on their PC with an accuracy down to one hundredth of a millimetre. What do the components have to be like in order to be manufactured without problems? Under what conditions and at what cost? With their expertise they not only operate at the centre of industry 4.0, but make it possible in the first place.

Shaping the future across industries

From A for automobile to Z for zoo: designers work in almost all industrial sectors. The major markets of the future, such as electromobility, also need products, machines and systems whose mechanical design is critical for customer success. Students who graduate from their career-integrated degree course at the DHBW Mannheim not only acquire all-round engineering expertise and initial work experience, but also enter a secure profession with promising prospects.

Combining mechanical engineering expertise with industry-specific knowledge

Everything our students need for a successful career can be found in the curriculum: fundamental topics of mechanical engineering, such as design and strength theory or materials science, but also modules for (quality) management. They become acquainted with production chains involving new technologies – such as additive manufacturing – and their designs decisively determine the manufacture of components. Depending on personal inclination and the focus of the partner company, our students can specialise from the 3rd academic year onwards in a particular field, e.g. in automotive or plastics technology, calculation and testing or project management.