Software Engineering

Study for a career-integrated degree and become a software development professional

In everyday life and in public life - software is everywhere, and is becoming ever more innovative. At the DHBW Mannheim, anyone seeking to be part of the digital transition will learn how to develop and programme successful IT solutions. Their specialist knowledge from the fields of computer science, economics and software engineering makes our graduates sought-after skilled professionals with diverse career prospects.

Score highly with practical experience

Think in the abstract and work in the practical. The combination of theoretical study phases and practical phases with the partner company provides our prospective software engineers with the perfect preparation. Their advantages: they have more business administration knowledge than classic application developers, more software development skills than classic business information systems specialists and, above all, significant initial work experience.

Design and develop software systems

From the analysis of operational processes, conceptual design, project management and customer consulting to the development and configuration of software – software engineering involves much more than just programming. The DHBW Mannheim therefore offers an interdisciplinary Business Information Systems course with a focus on the development of application systems. Core modules are supplemented by important soft skills; optional modules such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Business Process Management and Advanced IT offer opportunities for specialising with a view to the future.