Application Management

Develop application software for business and administration

Innovative software and apps, new programs and web applications. The IT market is changing every day. The boom in the industry is creating high demand for skilled professionals, and a wide variety of specialisations are required. With the Bachelor of Science in Application Management, students gain specialist knowledge of information systems with a business orientation. They are familiar with their development, maintenance and optimisation – from merchandise management systems to systems for personnel management and software packages for production planning. As a general rule, anyone choosing a career in the IT sector can look forward to a great deal of variety and excellent career prospects.

Optimising processes with IT management

In order to analyse business processes from a business administration perspective and to define suitable IT solutions, our students require specialist knowledge from the fields of business administration and computer science. The curriculum therefore includes units on accounting and finance as well as on programming and databases. Business information systems methodology, e.g. system analysis, project or business process management, and key training in areas such as communication and intercultural skills, round off their profile as skilled business information systems professionals.

Comprehensive assessment and management of projects

The career-integrated degree model at the DHBW Mannheim offers a particular advantage for the professional training of our students: they get to know the IT landscape of their company from the very first practical phase. By working on projects they learn to approach matters with a holistic view. Using empirical values, they can evaluate the use of IT technologies and further develop their role as system architects throughout their studies.