Digitise the healthcare system with a career-integrated degree

Digital patient files, telemedicine services, computer-based disease management – healthcare is in the midst of digitisation. The scope for new digital technologies, media and processes is enormous, as is the need for innovative minds. Skilled Business Information Systems professionals with specialist industry-specific knowledge are therefore ideally placed to achieve professional success in a significant sector of the economy.

The job: with a promising future and the prospect of management positions

Whether as a data manager, IT specialist in process optimisation or project manager in the development of new business models – with their outstanding specialist knowledge and initial practical experience, our graduates have successful careers in numerous fields. Attractive employers include hospitals, research institutes, and health and IT companies where they can contribute their know-how in a productive way.

Knowledge from IT, business administration and medicine for better patient care

In order to meet the high demands of this future-oriented field, the E-Health degree programme combines elements from IT, business administration and health management. The curriculum includes classic business information systems modules such as distributed systems or web programming, as well as modules on computer science, business administration, economics, law and mathematics. Another essential component is specific E-Health content, such as mobile health or user interfaces for the health sector. In exciting optional subjects, our students can specialise individually and apply the knowledge that they have acquired directly in the practical phases.