Data Science

Analyse data and develop tomorrow's business models

Data: One of the greatest resources of the future – expertise in this area is an absolute guarantee of work. Companies in almost all industries are desperately looking for skilled professionals who can generate information and knowledge from large amounts of data and from this design new business models for a more efficient and effective way of working. Graduates of our course in Business Information Systems - Data Science are among these sought-after data professionals. Equipped with skills in mathematics and IT and a good understanding of business processes, they play a central role in the competitiveness of their companies – which can have great social benefits, depending on the industry.

Leading companies in all industries into the future

Data science professionals are sought after in all sectors of the economy in which digitisation plays a role. These include in particular those firms developing innovative solutions in future technologies such as the Internet of Things, networked vehicles and infrastructures, industry 4.0, medical technology, etc. And there are more and more of them. Thanks to their crossover training, our graduates are able to successfully pursue careers across all industries, in project management as well as in strategic corporate divisions – and advance to occupy attractive management positions.

Combining sound academic knowledge with professional experience

Those who opt for our career-integrated Data Science degree will find ideal conditions at the DHBW Mannheim. Lecturers from industry impart the latest knowledge in subjects such as business administration, mathematics and Internet of Things technologies as well as methodological expertise in the field of software development. The focus is on big data, the cloud, visualisation, data management and the application of algorithms for machine learning and artificial intelligence. In ultra-modern laboratories, our students are able to work with new technologies, apply this know-how in action during practical phases and gain important professional experience. Optional subjects allow them to further pursue their own interests according to their career aspirations and customise their Business Information Systems studies at Mannheim.