International Management for Business and Information Technology

Study Business Information Systems with an international outlook

Today, IT is of central strategic importance within companies. Business processes are supported by IT; future trends such as cloud computing, big data, data analytics and artificial intelligence must be evaluated and implemented. To be competitive in the digitised world economy, companies need employees who are at home with business and with information technology. Thanks to their intercultural skills and the interdisciplinary knowledge gained as part of a career-integrated degree, our IMBIT graduates rank among these sought-after skilled professionals and managers and meet the requirements of the global business world with ease.

The ideal mix of IT, business administration, foreign languages and international experience

We offer our students an interdisciplinary curriculum to prepare them for a successful career with renowned companies active around the world. It combines English-medium courses in economics, computer science and intercultural management. Through exciting stays abroad and regular assignments with partner companies, our students further their theoretical knowledge in a practical way and get to know the particular features of international business activities.

Developing IT solutions for operational purposes at the international level

International experience gained in both the practical and theoretical phases makes our graduates real all-rounders in a global environment. The job prospects are excellent – and so is the salary. Attractive job opportunities can be found with IT companies or IT users from various branches of industry. As IT project managers or managers in IT departments, they can, for example, design strategies for international projects or work in international teams to develop and implement complex solutions.