Leading administrations and governments into the digital future

The advance of digitisation and networking is not only changing the way we live and work, but also public administration. Digital service offerings allow government services to be used around the clock and from anywhere, making administrative processes faster, cheaper and more transparent. This means that intelligent IT solutions in administrative services are relieving the burden on citizens as well as on public employees. Anyone choosing a career-integrated Business Information Systems – E-Government degree course is giving themselves the best possible background with which to actively help shape the digital transition in administration.

Combining knowledge from IT, business administration and administration

The course provides comprehensive preparation for these demanding administrative and IT tasks in the public sector. It combines specialist knowledge from IT and business administration with administration-specific content so that in their day-to-day jobs our students can act with a view to the whole picture. The modules consist of units such as computer science, business administration, economics, law and mathematics. The degree profile is completed by specific E-Government modules, e.g. IT law in the public sector or information management in administrative operations, as well as individual electives. What has been learnt in theory is then immediately implemented and consolidated in the practical phases.

Enter a future-proof profession of use to society

With the skills they have acquired, our graduates can look forward to a broad spectrum of potential assignments in a future-proof segment. Project management, system development, process optimisation or the development of new organisational and business models – our students are highly sought after as skilled professionals and managers and make a significant contribution to the common good.