Energy and Environmental Engineering

Finding creative solutions for a sustainable approach to the environment

Meeting the rising global demand for energy while at the same time conserving resources and protecting the environment: the basis for a modern society and at the same time one of today's greatest challenges. Our graduates have important roles to play here. They combine different processes for the use of renewable energies such as wind and water power, photovoltaics and solar thermal energy and develop intelligent concepts for a sustainable energy supply.

Know-how for a future worth living

For the efficient use of electrical energy and the use of alternative energy sources, electrical engineering must be combined with specialist knowledge of energy and environmental technology. At the DHBW Mannheim students therefore have access to a broad curriculum with subjects such as computer science, design, digital-, measurement- and microcomputer technology as well as units on energy, environmental and solar technology, renewable energies and high-voltage engineering. This knowledge can be immediately applied in practice at the partner company as part of the practical phase. In supplementary engineering modules they also acquire the necessary skills in the fields of business administration, economics and law.

Develop specialist knowledge and a successful career in a sought-after occupation

The diversity of energy sources combined with the rapid progress of new technologies offers a wide range of applications for skilled professionals in energy and environmental engineering. They can enter the energy supply, chemical and plastics industries or the automotive sector. Whether the path is towards product development or project management, technical sales or marketing – our career-integrated degrees in energy and environmental engineering offer students attractive opportunities for professional development and the pursuit of individual interests.