Electrical power engineering

Ensuring prosperity and security worldwide

As an essential pillar of our society, electrical energy must be available non-stop in sufficient form. Whether for everyday life or the economy. The prerequisite is electrical power engineering. It encompasses the generation, transmission, distribution, application and storage of electrical energy and not only secures our standard of living but also the global competitiveness of German industrial production.

Not exciting enough yet? Rising global energy requirements and the energy revolution are creating additional challenges in the industry, which offers numerous development opportunities for our graduates.

Developing innovative technologies for sustainability and environmental protection

Energy technology engineers know how electricity can be generated, transported and efficiently stored. This know-how is in demand in companies in the electricity supply and power plant technology sectors as well as in research. They take on a wide range of tasks, from planning, manufacturing and monitoring electrical systems to customer service. The development of innovative technologies for the environmentally friendly use of energy is also part of this – an indispensable part of the future.

Studying electrical power engineering and obtaining a Bachelor of Engineering

In addition to basic electrical engineering subjects such as computer science, digital and microcomputer technology, the versatile lecture plan includes specific contents of electrical power engineering, e.g. electrical systems and networks or high voltage technology. With units on business administration, technical management and key qualifications, our students round off their profile as engineers*. Thanks to the dual study model, they can apply what they have learned in theory directly in practice and are thus perfectly equipped to work in the modern industry.