Electrical Engineering

Understanding what moves and drives, what inspires

Electrical engineering is moving the world towards being an ever more progressive one that's increasingly easy to live in. What was science fiction just a few years ago is now part of everyday life thanks to electrical engineering innovations: smartphones, driver assistance systems, energy-autonomous houses and much more. Students of electrical engineering at the DHBW Mannheim become part of the movement that is developing our living conditions in a positive direction. The combination of future-oriented theory and application-oriented practice forms the basis for a promising career with our career-integrated degree model.

Electrical Engineering Course

The 1st academic year is a foundation course which is the same in all 5 fields of electrical engineering. It makes sense to specify a course of study at the beginning of the course but this is not absolutely necessary. It is possible to change to one of the other 4 fields of study until the end of the 1st academic year, but this can only be done in consultation with the corporate partner.