Accompanying fascinating processes in automation technology companies

This is no dream of the future, but firmly integrated into everyday life right now: the automation of machines and systems. Previously operated by humans, today they largely function fully automatically. Anyone who has ever ridden a roller coaster has been part of an automation process: electric motors accelerate the passengers, sensors monitor the forces that occur, and countless actuators keep everything on track. In industry, automation technology with robots, cobots and the rest has long occupied a key position. Innovative engineering and experts are more in demand than ever before – so electrical engineering students at the DHBW Mannheim specialising in automation enjoy the very best circumstances.

The career-integrated track to becoming an interdisciplinary automation specialist

Students learn how production processes are automated from our professionally experienced lecturers at the university and apply their knowledge during the practical phases in the company. For the intelligent interaction of components in highly complex plants they need know-how from the disciplines of electrical engineering, automation and IT. They learn concepts and functions of automation and control systems and take modules on circuit technology. Important key training and management skills round off the graduate profile.

Shaping the future at the heart of industry 4.0

Our students are making a decision for a secure field of employment with attractive roles. Almost all industrial companies with automation processes need qualified engineers for automation technology – from automotive and aeronautical engineering to the food and pharmaceutical industries. And that isn't going to stop. Whether in hardware and software development, assembly or technical sales, our graduates create exciting technologies for tomorrow, play a decisive role in the processes of industry 4.0 and lay the foundation for growth and prosperity worldwide.