Electrical Engineering

Success with business administration and technical knowledge

Technical know-how meets business expertise. As all-rounders, industrial engineers in electrical engineering combine electrical engineering requirements with the ability to act with business in mind. How can companies offer better products at lower prices and still make a profit? How can faulty productions be prevented? Engineers assess, organise and optimise processes – with a skilful combination of both key disciplines.

Study Electrical Engineering and ensure technical progress

Our graduates from the Business Administration and Engineering – Electrical Engineering course are well versed in accompanying the development of new products and innovations, assessing their technical implementation or optimising production in terms of cost-effectiveness, safety and speed. They are thus able to lay the foundation for business growth and technical progress. They are sought-after skilled professionals in many future-proof industries at home and abroad – above all in the automotive and electrical industries.

Study and practical experience combined

On their career-integrated path to a Bachelor of Engineering degree, our students acquire the requisite knowledge from theory and practice for a successful career as an industrial engineer. Business administration content is part of the curriculum from the outset and covers all relevant functions in the enterprise e.g. marketing, production, sales, purchasing and management. The technical modules include units on electrical engineering, electronics, measurement and digital technology and technical physics. The students learn application-related skills during their practical phases with the partner company.