Chemical and Process Engineering

A degree for the protection of people and the environment

They help to reduce the consumption of water and energy, work to reduce air and water pollution and improve the quality of production processes. They are responsible for ensuring that products are produced with optimised processes, on time and cost-effectively, while at the same time ensuring occupational safety and environmental protection: industrial chemical and process engineers.

Saving energy and raw materials with pioneering technologies

In order to be well prepared for these varied and responsible tasks, our students acquire extensive technical, scientific and business knowledge during their career-integrated degree course in Business Administration and Engineering. The demand for skilled professionals in this field is high – aspects such as sustainability and environmental awareness are of increasing concern to industrial companies.

The ideal mix for all-rounders with strong communication skills

On a state-of-the-art campus with laboratories and workshops, our diverse curriculum gives our students a broad spectrum of knowledge on their way to becoming sought-after all-rounders, for example in mathematics, chemistry, technical mechanics, energy and thermal process engineering, production and logistics, quality management and corporate management. This qualifies our graduates to take on challenging roles at the interface of engineering, natural sciences and business administration.