Mechanical Engineering

Get off to a good start with specialist knowledge of production & logistics and technical sales

Graduates with a Bachelor of Engineering in Business Administration and Engineering are all-rounders and important skilled professionals in numerous industrial companies. They routinely work in sales and at the same time understand technical aspects. Their mix of expertise, supplemented by communication skills, makes them versatile, their tasks varied and their everyday work exciting. Our students are provided with everything they need to succeed from a practical point of view – whether on campus or in the partner company – and can also specialise within their course.

Successful combination of technical and economic factors

Product development, manufacturing process or marketing - processes within the company are closely timed, technical and economic requirements must be right. Graduates in Business Administration and Engineering – Mechanical Engineering are right in the middle of all this and interpret between the two areas. They are responsible for design and product management tasks, project planning and controlling, or technical sales and marketing. Be it in international growth markets such as aerospace technology or, for example, in the high revenue mechanical engineering and automotive industries.

Study for a career-integrated degree and launch on a specialist career

Our Business Administration and Engineering – Mechanical Engineering degree combines management and engineering sciences. Subjects such as technical mechanics and design theory are as much a part of the lecture schedule as economics or project management units. In order to further develop their own interests and strengths, from the 3rd year of study students can choose a focus; while in Production & Logistics the understanding of technical processes in production is furthered, in Technical Sales the focus is on customer communication, technical purchasing and (international) sales.