Information Technology

Developing what shapes the future

Cloud and mobile computing, big data and cyber security, industry 4.0: thanks to recent innovations, the IT industry is growing and developing faster than almost any other. Qualified young talent is in demand – including in information technology. At the interface between electrical engineering and computer science, IT engineers work on linking computer systems and technical applications, from fitness apps to car software. They install networks and develop and implement technologies for electronic data processing and control of work processes with the help of the necessary hardware and software.

Career-integrated degree for entry into a diverse industry

Hot topics in information technology such as big data and the like can be found in the curriculum, as well as teaching units on software development, electrical engineering, electronics and artificial intelligence. One part of the curriculum is dedicated to network and software technology in order to be able to provide reliable support to the IT infrastructure in companies. Students can immediately implement the content they have learned during the practical phases at the partner company. In preparation for potential management tasks, our students are also trained in company-relevant subjects such as business administration, project management or intercultural communication on their way to graduating as a Bachelor of Science.

A technical course of study with excellent career prospects

The DHBW Mannheim offers a career-integrated course of study in information technology which responds to the lack of skilled workers. Our graduates can look forward to a varied working day at renowned companies, computer centres, IT service centres, in IT consulting or in sales.