Cyber Security

Protecting businesses from digital attack

The networked world of industry 4.0 doesn't just bring advantages and opportunities. Internet threats and cybercrime are now among the top risks to business. To protect themselves against data theft, identity theft, computer sabotage and industrial espionage, companies in all industries are desperately looking for highly qualified IT security personnel. Graduates of our Cyber Security course have exactly the requisite specialist knowledge for this task and can therefore look forward to excellent career prospects.

Developing high-security IT systems

Based on proven foundation computer science courses, our students develop their expertise in the field of cyber security through specific case studies, methods and procedures. Exciting modules such as App Engineering or Network Security cover the design, encryption and decryption techniques relevant to security as well as fundamental system and infrastructure protection. In addition to the technical content, basic knowledge of IT law is acquired and communicative, ethical and social competences are fostered.

Starting out in professions with a promising future

The interdisciplinary course in IT security gives students the ideal preparation for numerous future-oriented careers: for professions with a technical focus such as cyber security officer, security data analyst or IT protection specialist, as well as for administration-related job profiles in the fields of data protection, IT compliance management or security controlling. Thanks to the ideal combination of theoretical knowledge and initial professional experience, management positions can quickly be attained – and with a variety of employers: in software and hardware corporations as well as in manufacturing companies, public authorities or the military.