Applied Computer Science

Take off with a Bachelor of Science

"Do something with computers." Sound advice for many years, and it's not going to change in the future. Stagnation? No way! Digitisation and industry 4.0 are continuously changing society and the world of work: hardware and software are constantly being developed further, and data is increasingly being processed electronically. There are many job profiles in this segment, but where does Applied Computer Science come in?

Actively shaping sciences outside of computer science

Whether in industry or research, in chemistry, biology or medicine. The demand for skilled professionals in applied computer science is increasing. They deliver individual software solutions to science and engineering disciplines outside of computer science and adapt the entire IT infrastructure consisting of hardware and software, data, storage technology, communication and network to the respective requirements. An exciting, interdisciplinary field, to which the DHBW Mannheim provides the perfect introduction – including excellent career prospects!

Skilfully managing computer-aided solutions

During their career-integrated computer science degree course, our students acquire all the relevant specialist knowledge – from programming to IT infrastructures – and put it immediately into practice in the partner company. They learn how to select, integrate and further develop computer systems, networks and their applications and how to train users in them. To ensure smooth cooperation with skilled professionals from other disciplines and in preparation for potential management tasks, they develop their soft skills and receive industry-relevant teaching content such as project management and intercultural communication.