Technical and Applied Chemistry

Contributing to sustainable progress with a career-integrated chemistry degree

Anyone with a strong interest in chemistry and laboratory work will feel at home on the Technical and Applied Chemistry course. It deals with taking chemical reactions in the laboratory through to large-scale industrial production, making it a decisive building block for the development of promising new technologies. Whether new materials for modern means of communication or groundbreaking findings for medicine and agriculture – qualified skilled professionals in technical and applied chemistry are the ones who make sustainable progress possible.

Expertise in demand for research and industry

With their professional expertise, our graduates are closing the gap that currently exists between the chemist with a doctorate and chemical-technical assistants. They are employed in attractive roles in research and industry, for example in (development) laboratories or in the areas of process monitoring, quality assurance and pilot plants. They are choosing a dynamic industry in which Germany is regarded worldwide as a pioneer for sustainable and responsible action. And since a large number of German chemical companies are global players, there is nothing to stand in the way of an international career.

Direct practical application of knowledge with partner companies

In addition to the fundamentals of scientific and process engineering, our students further their knowledge of chemistry through laboratory time and subjects such as biochemistry or catalysis and kinetics. This enables them to put the latest developments into practice. Through the successful combination of theoretical units in class and practical phases with the corporate partner, they develop to become sought-after, solution-oriented engineers.