Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering

Take off with expertise in one of tomorrow's key disciplines

Chemistry and biology: they are everywhere in our day-to-day life and fundamental disciplines for fields looking to the future such as medicine, nutrition and energy. The need is growing, as is demand on the part of consumers and business: better products, increased safety, better health and environmental protection. If companies want to keep pace with international competition, they need experts who can incorporate trend-setting findings from the natural sciences into internal production and development processes – such as chemical and bioengineers.

Know-how from engineering and the natural sciences

In contrast to process engineering, in which apparatus and plant systems are developed for industry, during their process- and product-oriented career-integrated degree in chemical and bioengineering students concentrate on the modification of substances by chemical, biological or physical processes. In units such as physical chemistry, microbiology, design, plant planning, fluid mechanics, programming or management, they acquire solid theoretical knowledge that they can then apply straight away in the practical phases. From the 3rd academic year onwards, attractive optional subjects such as food technology or quality and product management make individual specialisation possible.

Interdisciplinary and practical: the ideal career start

The interdisciplinary nature of the degree means that our students have knowledge of a broad range of subjects. They can work successfully in process and product development as well as in process and plant development or in plant planning and support. By choosing the career-integrated degree model they are opting to start their careers with a focus on practical experience, whether in the pharmaceutical and food industries, in plant and component construction, in research institutions or with public authorities.