Chemical Engineering

The bridge between process engineering and chemistry/biology

The DHBW Mannheim is the only site within the entire DHBW to offer the Chemical Engineering course. This chemical and process-oriented course of study is the link between apparatus-led process engineering and the natural sciences of chemistry and biology.

What do we teach to our students? Sound knowledge of processes in the systems of the converting industry as well as laboratory operations – on campus and with the corporate partner. This enables them to transfer their findings from the laboratory to pilot plant and production facilities. In addition, our graduates are a point of contact to specialists in process and mechanical engineering; they provide them with significant parameters for the mechanical design of plants and machines.

Practical study and increasing specialisation

The chemical engineering study programme usually lasts 3 years and has 2 specialist courses: Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering which focuses on process, and the more laboratory-led Technical and Applied Chemistry.

The 1st academic year is a foundation course which is the same for both specialisms. This course combines fundamental scientific and engineering content with process engineering content. At the beginning of the 2nd academic year the modules specific to the specialist course of study are added, and from the 3rd academic year optional subjects are added which enable our students to specialise further. 

In order to ensure practical relevance during the theoretical phases as well, the courses have access to alaboratory of approx. 200 m² in area which is equipped with exhaust ventilation, cooling water, a generous power supply and a laboratory unit including fume cupboard.