Tax & Audit

Entering future-proof industries with a mix of business and law

Nothing ever stands still in taxation, accounting and auditing – they are subject to constant change depending on conditions of tax and commercial law, business, society and politics. And this makes them varied fields of work in which our career-integrated degree courses offer the perfect start. Whether you would like to start your career as a tax consultant, auditor or employed in tax and accounting, at the DHBW Mannheim our students lay the foundations for a successful career in a crisis-proof sector.

Career-integrated degree – business focused and highly up to date

In order to manoeuvre clients or companies safely through the complex German and international legal regulations, our graduates must have mastered a broad field of expertise. The career-integrated Tax & Audit degree course offers the best conditions with which to achieve this. The theoretical content is taught by lecturers from industry and is based on current trends in business. In the practical phases with the corporate partner, our students further their theoretical knowledge and gain significant professional experience.

The future is digital, including the course content

Our curriculum ranges from classical business studies fields such as business administration, economics and law, to specific modules in taxation and auditing. In business games, rhetoric, presentation and moderation seminars, leadership qualities and the ability to assume managerial responsibility are trained and developed. Through special electives, our students prepare themselves for increasingly digitised work processes in order to expertly support their companies into a networked and more efficient future.