Accounting & Controlling

Keeping an eye on all finances within the company

The career-integrated degree course Accounting, Taxation, Commercial Law – Accounting & Controlling at the DHBW Mannheim is exactly the right thing for people who like numbers and business fans with a sense of responsibility. During the 3 years at the university and with the corporate partner, our students acquire all the knowledge required to make far-reaching decisions for their companies in accounting, taxation and controlling and thus contribute significantly to their profitability. As indispensable skilled professionals in companies operating nationally and internationally, our graduates are employed in very good positions in finance and accounting in an attractive working environment.    

Understanding the numbers to achieve professional success

Our graduates have a wide range of responsibilities. For example, they analyse balance sheets, prepare liquidity or investment reports, evaluate investment projects, set sales targets and check whether they have been met. As sought-after skilled professionals and managers, they can carry out these activities in industrial and service companies in a wide range of sectors or successfully pursue careers with renowned tax consulting and auditing firms.

3-in-1: expertise, leadership characteristics and work experience

The main focus of the Accounting & Controlling degree course is on national and international accounting, controlling (strategic and operational) and tax law. In addition, the curriculum includes lectures in general business administration, economics, civil and commercial law, business mathematics, statistics and psychology. Leadership characteristics are trained in numerous rhetoric, presentation and moderation seminars, and in the practical study phases theoretical knowledge is directly applied and valuable professional experience is gained.