General Mechatronics

A career-integrated degree course in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and IT

From the home coffee machine to the copier in the office to the controller in industrial production – mechatronic systems simplify our everyday lives in all areas. This makes mechatronic engineers sought-after skilled professionals in many branches of industry - in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in electrical and automotive engineering. At the DHBW Mannheim students learn the requisite know-how to be successful in this diverse engineering science - in a practice-oriented and interdisciplinary way.

All-rounder in an innovative field

In Mechatronics (a word coined from the combination of "mechanics" and "electronics"), various areas combine to form a discipline in itself. Mechatronics engineers are employed at the interface between mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology. The more complex a product, the more innovative its development must be. This means that this professional field not only offers a secure future, but also exciting challenges in the development of solutions fit for the times.

Actively shaping future technologies

In addition to selected mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology content, our lecturers also impart entrepreneurial skills. Business administration units are just as much a part of the curriculum as operational organisation or project management units. Since our students are right in the middle of everyday working life from the very start, they not only experience future technologies up close – e.g. Internet of Things, networked vehicles, learning from sensor data or industry 4.0 – but also actively develop them. Exciting electives complement the mechatronics course from the 3rd year of study and enable students to further their own expert knowledge in areas such as microcomputer engineering or industrial robots.