Digital Media

Digital know-how for media management and media design

The media industry has been booming for years. Jobs in this segment are very popular, many people want to do something in digital media, including those making a sideways move. That's why a media degree at the DHBW Mannheim is particularly worthwhile. Our graduates are academically qualified digital and media specialists who have professional experience thanks to the career-integrated degree model which makes them able to establish a professional future with many attractive companies.

Perfectly equipped for work in the media business

Broad fundamental knowledge in the design, implementation and use of digital media sets our graduates apart. They can structure innovation processes within the company and initiate, plan and manage projects. In the theoretical phases on campus and in the practical phases with the corporate partner, they acquire interdisciplinary expertise in media technology, business administration, design and applied computer science. This means they are ready for attractive jobs in design or project management, marketing, communication and public relations, SEO and copywriting and much more.

Specialise in a way that suits you and the real world

Our students acquire valuable specialist knowledge that accords with their career aspirations and interests. The DHBW Mannheim offers a choice of 2 main areas of study. While the focus in Media Publishing and design is on the production of online and offline products, in Media Management and Communication the focus is more strongly media business oriented and gives our students the ideal preparation for commercial activities in the media industry.