Applied Health and Nursing Sciences

Get ahead in the growth markets of social work and healthcare

Technological and medical progress, demographic change, increasing need for care in society. Nursing care – whether in general health, patient care or care of the elderly – is facing new challenges. Qualified individuals are therefore in great demand in the growing healthcare market. Students studying health and nursing sciences are training to handle the increasingly complex tasks and can help shape the future of the sector.

Skillful combination of nursing and university

The course is aimed at trainees with university admission status. With the career-integrated nursing study programme at the DHBW Mannheim, after the first year of training they can expand the practical experience gained by working in a cooperating nursing facility with the foundation of significant specialist knowledge. Social and personal skills are thus complemented by knowledge from the fields of nursing sciences, health sciences and health care management. In addition, students learn to work with academic rigour, which is also becoming increasingly important in nursing, and attend exciting teaching units such as medical law, e-health or emergency management.

Success with expert nursing care and management knowledge

A degree in healthcare is worth studying. The recognised Bachelor of Science degree offers our graduates excellent prospects for the future – whether in nursing facilities, clinics or outpatient services. The know-how they have acquired not only enables them to assume responsibility in demanding care and consultation situations, but also to manage and optimise care processes and care structures – including in management positions.